Trying to cleanup my library so that iTunes likes it

I have
ARTIST = "The Beach Boys"
ALBUMARTIST = "The Beach Boys"

I'm trying to get

I found some posts about using the Guess action, but couldn't get them to work

Is there a way to do this?

I want to also use it for TITLESORT, ARTISTSORT, ALBUMSORT, etc,


see this thread from 2009:

and this one to move "the" to the end:

Thank - I did not think about using RegEx - Works very well

I did notice that TITLESORT is in the list of fields Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation

but not on the Action-building picklist (extended fields, etc.)

Is there an editable list that I can add it?

TITLESORT is usually included in that list. You can either reset the list via the small menu button next to the field list or enter it manually.

Thanks again -- I don't know how I deleted it

Now my library is looking a little more organized

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