Filter Expression Help

I create my tags using Filename - Tag. I use %artist%\%title% which uses the folder name for the Artist tag and the filename for the Title tag.

I am now trying to search for ...

  1. Folder names that do not match the Artist tag

  2. Filenames that do not match the Title tag

What expression would I use for each of these?


See the FAQs on Filters: Filter expressions

You are probably looking for this:

or "IS no" if you want to see those that do not match

The folder name is stored in %_directory%
The file name is stored in %_filename%

Those worked thank you. I saw the FAQs but still couldn't figure it out. Here's what works...

  1. "$if($eql(%_directory%,%artist%),yes,no)" IS no

  2. "$if($eql(%_filename%,%title%),yes,no)" IS no

I have another. I only use tags in Comment, Title and Artist. How can I find songs that may have a tag in any of the other fields?

With a filter, you have to name each field like
%albumartist% PRESENT
%year% PRESENT

You find a complete list of fields in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T):
Select all files
Press Alt-T

If you do not care about the contents in these fields, then you can delete the fields right there in the extended tags dialogue when you close the dialogue.

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Thanks. Weird that Windows Explorer found that some songs had a Genre tag but MP3tag doesn't show it.

Check the MP3tag settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg
which tag versions you read.
It could be that the genre field is a tag version that either is not read at all or gets overwritten by superior tag versions:
which means that V2 tags overwrite V1 and APE overwrites all.

Mine is set to read ID3v1 and ID3v2. It's set to write ID3v1 and ID3v2, ID3v2.3 UDF-16. Perhaps those tags were APE so MP3tag didn't see them. Thanks.

You can find files that have APE tags with the filter
%_tag% HAS APE