Filter (Finding) double quotation marks "

Would there any filter argument that will find double quotation marks?
I would like to change all nick names that have double quotation marks to single quotation marks but finding them all is the challenge.
eg. from say "Slim" to 'Slim' or from "Guitar Shorty" to 'Guitar Shorty' etc

See the help on Filters which says:
"It is not possible to filter by strings containing double quotations marks. This is a limitation of the feature."

There are workarounds:
"$ifgreater($strstr(%title%,$char(34)),0,yes,no)" IS yes
title MATCHES \"
title MATCHES \x22

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Just something to consider: if you use the apostrophe as inverted commas then it will become much more difficult to change the case of letters following the apostrophe.
So either you end up with lower case letters behind the apostrophe which is probably desirable for words like "don't", "ain't", "can't", "c'est"
but not very nice for 'guitar Shorty'.
Or you get upper case letters which is good for 'Guitar Shorty' but strange for "isn'T", "haven'T", or "gibt'S".

Thanks for all the tips..
I found title MATCHES \" very useful to find the double quotation marks I had not already found.
It also seems to work for composer MATCHES \" also.

Much appreciated.

Just wanted add that I found several what looked to be " that were in fact two individual single quotation marks ' one after the other that made it look like a " ... just to make it interesting.
Thanks again.