Filter for tags with Return (CR LF)

Can't figure this one out, looking for a filter to find tags that contain a "return" character, specifically in my case in the Comment tag. I believe this would normally be either $char(10) or $char(13), but I can't get this to work in a filter.

Tried this...
%comment% HAS $char(13)

...but it did not produce any results. I know there are several in my library, and am trying to remove them for consistent results when searching. Can anyone offer some help for this? Been trying for a while without success. :flushed:

%comment% MATCHES \n

Thanks ohrenkino, works perfect. Not sure I understand what the difference is between HAS and MATCHES, but learned a new one today. I assume as well the \n is a special character reference. Regardless I can now go and fix a few tags that have been causing my export some grief.

In the help you find a list of special characters in regular expressions (which is more or less the filter with MATCHES):

AFAIK it is not possible to have any expression starting with a $ (like $char(10)) behind a filter keyword.