Filter to check for more than one instance of a track number from 1-9 in each folder?

Hey, thanks for all your help.

Is there a way to filter using TRACK to detect more than one instance of a track number in folders? I'm trying to make sure there aren't duplicate files as I try to merge two media libraries into one.

Mp3tag knows nothing about the content of folders.
It handles track by track.

You can load the content of a folder and sort by TRACK number.
Then you can SEE if there are more then one track with the same number.
But you can not compare multiple tracks or folders or albums.

You can only manipulate one track after the other.

I suggest to use specialized tools for such tasks.
You should also check the filesize, the bitrate, the content of the files (Cover? Lyrics? Metadata like COMPOSER...) to decide, which track you want to keep and which track you want to skip or delete).

If the filenames are different, then you can easily merge 2 folders into 1.
If they are not, then you will get an error message.
Once you have merged the folders with alleged duplicates, you can copy the original track number to a user-defined field. start the track numbering wizard, renumber the files and then compare the new number with the old number.
You will then find the first occurance of a deviation from the original.

Still, comparing files only on the basis of the tag data is usually a bad idea as this relies mainly on the quality of the tags in the first place. It does not say anything about the audio quality or fields that have not been considered in the comparison.

I would not use MP3tag to find duplicates but a dedicated program instead, e.g. Similarity - this lets you set how similar tag and audio contents should be to count as duplicate.

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Thank you, I tried Similarity but it wasn't as productive as I had hoped. I tried a number of others before settling on Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder. It was miles better, as the way it searched and listed possible duplicates was clearer and easier to see.

Similarity came up with 5,566 results, whereas Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder came up with less than 90 and most of those were ones that really did need my attention.

It was definitely the quickest to get the job done.

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