Filter to identify files with differences in artist tag and filename

I am sure that this has been asked already before, i already found some similar topics but i probably do something wrong and the expressions i found are not working!

What i want is to compare the artist tag to filename to identify files which they don't include the artist tag in the filename.

Something like
"$ifgreater($strstr($lower(%_filename%),$lower(%artist%)),0,1,0)" IS "0"

You may get some more hits than you expected as the filename does not allow all the characters that are valid for ARTIST.

This one does the trick! Thank you!

Something more, if want to to do the same with the title tag, is there any way to exclude the parentheses from the comparison?

Reference the TITLE field with

This is not working.

For example

Filename is: Bigz HBS Trumpet Soire - Soul Food Dub Mix.mp3 and title is Soul Food (Dub Mix)

And when i try to filter the tracks i still see it in the results!

Sorry, I mixed the inverted commas with brackets ...

I may do smething wrong...
take a look.

Screenshot 2020-11-15 215807

Screenshot 2020-11-15 215924

Are these correct?

Because i still see tracks which they are different only because there are parentheses in the title tag!

There is something wrong - if you want to filter, modify the filter expression:

"$ifgreater($strstr($lower(%_filename%),$lower($replace(%title%,'"',))),0,1,0)" IS "0"

Oops, sorry i misunderstood you!

This is not working either, it just shows all the files, i already tried the one below but it doesn't work either!

"$ifgreater($strstr($lower(%_filename%),$lower($replace(%title%,'(',,')',))),0,1,0)" IS "0"

Even your expression works over here and shows all the files where the title is not included in the filename.
This includes all the titles where you have invalid characters like question marks, colons, chevrons - these things. They got eliminated while writing the filename.

I dont know why i can't get it to work.

ASFAI see it: the brackets are part of the FILENAME but not of the title - but you remove the brackets from the TITLE instead from the filename...

Both filename and title have brackets in the screenshot above i think.

The problem that i've had was this kind of filenames.

This is why i asked you for something to remove the brackets from title!

So i actually have to remove the brackets from filename and title correct?

Would something like this work

"$ifgreater($strstr($lower($replace(%_filename%,'(',,')',),$lower($replace(%title%,'(',,')',))),0,1,0)" IS "0"

The expression checks if TITLE is part of _FILENAME.
If you have brackets in the filename and you remove them from the title, then the TITLE cannot be part of the filename any more.
You can test if the expression works and replace the "0" with a "1" which should show you the reverse set of files.

I see!

Thank you for your time and the help @ohrenkino ! :wink:

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