Filter to show files containing a particular tag field

I've looked at the help file and I can't get this to work. Why do the first examples in the help file use angled brackets for fields, but the second examples use percentage signs? I tried both and they return zero results (even though there are files that have that particular tag).

If I wanted to list all files that have, say, a "MODIFICATION" tag present in the file, how would I do that?

Does this also work for non-standard user-created tag fields too?

modification PRESENT
%modification% PRESENT
But this has also been described in the help

Returns all files where tag field named is present.

Do you still need clarification on


Thank you.

I tried various examples but they weren't working for some reason. One of the wrong examples that I tried was putting a leading underscore in front of the field name (because that's what I saw in the help file for bitrate, coversize etc.) but it's working now.

Why do the first examples in the help file use angled brackets for fields ...

This is what I was referring to:

If there are angled brackets you don't look at the examples but at the general "Description of the Filter Expression Language".

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If you feel unsecure about the real name of a field, use the arrow button on the very right of the filter box and get lists of variables and functions.

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