Filter tracks based on "cover embedded" vs "no cover"


I would like to scan my music diretory for tracks that do not have embedded artwork/cover.
I can add a column with the value of %_Covers% to get a "1" or null value for covers.

But how can I create a filter to to list all tracks where Cover is empty?

Filter by "No Cover Art"?

New tag doesn't appear in Field drop-down list in Filter dialog


thanks detlev!

I ended up with the solution to add the Cover field to the taglist display and sort by that. I then mark all 4000 tracks having Cover=null and used export > csv to get a txt file. In excel it was then easy to make a pivot table to list all the albums I need to continue working on.

Works great, man I love mp3tag - don't know what I would do without this app.

  • Chr