Filter with multiple genres and custom field

Hi All,

To help with my semi-automated playlist creation for Traktor, I am trying to create a filter that would have the following characteristics, for example:

( (Genre = 'Deep House') OR (Genre = 'Tech House') OR (Genre = 'Techno') )
( (custom_field = 2) OR (custom_field = 3) )

I have searched the forum, and google and tried all sorts of things but with no success.

Does anyone have any ideas?


The google search with "MP3tag Filter" offers you thousands of entries on this topic...

Did you have a look at the help?
There is even an individual headline for this topic.

I think, a filter expression could look like this:

%Genre% IS 'Deep House' OR %Genre% IS 'Tech House' OR %Genre% IS 'Techno' AND %custom_field% IS 2 OR %custom_field% IS 3

In your example string you can ...

  • replace each apostrophe (') by one double quote ("),
  • replace each equal sign (=) by the word IS
    and your filter string should work in the Mp3tag filter section.

Read there ...


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Thanks guys.

I think I was trying to make it too complicated. Your tips worked a treat.