Filtering Duplicate Tracks With Certain Parameters

I have a very large library and after many years have wound up with many duplicate tracks.
Some are part of albums and compilations (these are OK), but there are also tracks with no album title.

What I would like to do is find some way to filter/show only duplicate tracks where at least one has NO album title. This way I can decide which one to keep depending on bit rate or whether or not it's a different version etc.

For example, with desired filter:

If I have 3 unique albums that all have the same track, I do not want these 3 tracks to show.

However, if there was a 4th track that also matched, but did not have an album title, then I want all 4 tracks to show.

I can of course sort by title and look for ones that have no album, but with around 100k files, this is not very efficient.

Please let me know if this is possible and/or I need to explain it better.


see this thread about the handling of duplicates:

Search and destroy duplicate files

Try this little tool below which was only released Sept this year... but only any use if you use iTunes.

It checks:

  1. Missing tracks
  2. Orphan tracks
  3. Duplicates
  4. Missing Artwork (yet to be of use) Although this program can find these
It's #1 in iTunes Utilities on the website.

CopyTrans Download Page

CopyTrans Download Page for Tunetastic