Filtering expression deleted through "Manage history" sometimes remain on list

Aside from my recent reports on pin-pointed bugs concerning reworked Filter feature, there is also one more that I know of but I am not able yet to precisely repeat it occurrence

That peculiar bug causes filtering expression deleted through Manage history... to remain sometimes only in the Manage history... window or sometimes also in the mouse wheel scroll list available in the box of the Filter. [And I mean here precisely the list that I go through when wheel-scrolling - and not the drop down list that shows up after clicking the icon because I did not test this version of list as I stopped using it]

This bug [or another one] also causes the just Deleted [with a button] expression to become a ghost- i.e. it remains shown in the box of the Filter for as long as I do not scroll the list available in the box. And that is happening when that expression was selected before opening of the Manage history... window as well if it was shown at that time in the box of the Filter

I thought that this was dependent on ether or not an actual selection of a file was executed or not [from the list of shows filtered files]; or that if these expressions where written in the box, deleted [in any way] and then once again written in the box. But every time when I though that I finally know under what exact conditions it is happening, a second, third or fourth attempt proved me wrong. And so I tried multiple repetition of different set and settings with no conclusive report. But most likely such pseudo-deletion occurs when prior to pressing Delete button in Manage history... window I add new filtering expressions by writing them in the box of the Filter

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v3.16a. Thanks for reporting!