Filtering Multiple Value Tag

I have %genre% and %style% tag with multiple values.

They display as expected on Tag Panel (each separated by '\\').
They also display as expected in their corresponding column (separated by '; ' via the $meta_sep(,; ) for the column value.
Extended Tags... displays all GENREs and STYLEs as expected.

But when filtering (F3) there is no way to make filter work when value is NOT the first value in multivalue. I have tried (example is: $meta_sep(genre,; ) = 'Pop/Rock; Vocal')

  • %genre% IS Vocal
  • %genre% HAS Vocal
  • $meta(genre) IS Vocal
  • $meta(genre) HAS Vocal

What am I doing wrong?

If you want to have a look at any of the fields, you have to join them first:
"$meta_sep(genre,_)" HAS Vocal

Well, I just tried it and neither $meta_sep(genre,) HAS Vocal nor $meta_sep(genre,) IS Vocal really work: the selection is NO files are filtered (I mean I get the same result with $meta_sep(genre,_) HAS X)

I have just created a multi-value tagfield GENRE with 3 single values (e. g. Rock, Blues, Soft) ...
and the function call ... $meta_sep(GENRE,'-') ... gives the result ... 'Rock-Blues-Soft'.

With the Mp3tag Filter expression: GENRE HAS "soft"
... or ...
with the Mp3tag Filter expression: GENRE HAS soft
... the file has been found.

So try again.


it should be
"$meta_sep(genre,_)" HAS Vocal

Yes, YES! Thank you!

I did not think the quotes were important BUT: "$meta(genre)" HAS Vocal worked PERFECTLY!

Thanks again!