Find albums (or folders) without cover.jpg files?

Is there any way in Mp3tag to generate a list of albums or folders or even files that don't have an associated cover.jpg file? I don't use embedded artwork at all.

You could use the export tool to create a cmd file that checks the selected folders, creates and loads a playlist with the folders that don't have a cover.

Or a similar approach, an external cmd file:

This would collide a little with your approach not to use embedded artwork ... but:
If you dared to import covers (with an action and wildcards) into your files and then filtered for %_covers% IS "" then you would see all the files that do not have a cover.
After you have found that out, you could delete all covers from the files again ...
I admit that this create a lot of harddisk i/o but still ... I could not think of anything else from within mp3tag.

Thanks guys. I took a little VBScript that I wrote to give me library stats - it counts things like albums, tracks, files, folders and bytes. It was easy to modify it to create a script that lists folders that are missing cover art.