Find and replace in names

The names in some of the songs i have are incorrect but only by a letter. Is there a way i can fix this like the find and replace in office?

Example: song name is ''kalimera'' instead of ''kalhmera''.

Sorry for my English.

Of course.
You only have to dare to create a user-definded action.
and as replacing is also a very frequently asked topic:

I have a similar question on replacing charactes. I have several artist names where I need to change the 3rd Character.

For Example(s) McCoy Tyner.... reads Mccoy Tyner.

                    McDonald           reads   Mcdonald
                    LaBelle               reads   Labelle 

I can write and action for specific names, but is that the only way? or best way?

I'm looking for a way to add action: Replace all Mc(x) where it does matter what the third character is just Cap it.


'Beluna', in my opinion you have not a similar question but a different request than the one from the Open Poster 'raidensub'.
If it would be a similar question, then follow the recommendations which have been already given in this thread.

Otherwise my answer would be ...

Make it the way you think and how you are able to do so, it should solve your problem.


Thanks for the help. Thanks very much ohrenkino for posting in both my posts.