Find covers without cover in tag or folder.jpg


I'm almost done with tagging and covers of my collection. The last thing I would like to do is check if every file has either an embedded cover or folder.jpg in the directory.

If this is not the case I would have to add a cover for these.

Is this possible to find the files without any cover?

You can find files with missing embedded covers with the filter (see filter help):
%_covers% IS ""

I knew that one, but I would also like to find the files that have an image in the folder.jpg file.
Can that be done?

You can simply import the folder.jpg into the files with a prefabricated action of the type import album art.
But if you also knew that one ....
IF you want to see which folders already contain a folder.jpg but the file does not then use albumartfixer (freeware) as this program checks for album art that is not embedded in the files.
You would have to create a WMP library first, though.

You can create a list of all image files in a foldertree.
Open the Execute Dialog [WinKey+R] and paste the following commandline into the edit field.
Change the example starting folder from "M:\MUSIC" to your needs.
Run the command.

CMD.EXE /U /C (CD /D "M:\MUSIC\" && DIR "*.jpg";"*.bmp";"*.png" /S /B /A /O:GNE /-P>"%TEMP%\PictureList.txt") && START "" "NOTEPAD.EXE" "%TEMP%\PictureList.txt"

At end of the run a Notepad window should display the resulting list.


Added CMD.EXE option /U and automatic closing of cmdline window.

Here comes a somewhat interactive commandfile, which will do the same as the previously shown commandline.
20100825.PictureList.cmd.txt (2.5 KB) (Remove the ".txt" extension for proper usage.)

Additionally, here comes a somewhat interactive commandfile, mainly related to another topic anywhere in the forum ...
Album-Cover aus Datei importieren
... which will provide the biggest picture file within a folder under a standard name, useful together with Mp3tag image import function.
20090724.CoverNorm.cmd.txt (3.82 KB) (Remove the ".txt" extension for proper usage.)


20100825.PictureList.cmd.txt (2.5 KB)

20090724.CoverNorm.cmd.txt (3.82 KB)

Yes, I also thought of a simple DOS command to get a list. But then I rejected that idea as the DOS command does not tell whether the mp3-file already contains an albumart.
MP3tag finds the files with (or without) albumart, DOS finds all external graphic files - but somehow this information does not come together.

That is why I suggested the rather awkward was with the albumartfixer.
It stops at every collection of files in a folder and tells you that the albumart is missing or not embedded in the files and so on, so it half-joins the information. After the run with albumartfixer you are still left with the files which have neither: the embedded albumart nor the folder.jpg.

Anyway: I am wondering why the bother: either you have the folder.jpg and therefore can import them easily into the files or you don't and then you have to handle the files individually anyway ...

Probably the next question will be "I have got various album art files with various names - how do I rename them so that I can import them ..."

I will check out albumartfixer, the DOS command works although I would have to check manually between the TXT file and the embed covers.

That's true, but in the previous question I was told not to use embedded cover art. So I am looking for the best possible way to solve this.

That question is already solved a year ago <_< So no I will not ask this question.

I hope it wasn't me who told you that ... anyway: there are complete libraries that invite you to also embed album art and itunes simply ignores any folder.jpg file - so what should be the benefit.

There is a way to find all the directories without a folder.jpg if you first let your DOS display all the foldernames
dir /ad /s /b > folders.txt

then let display all the jpgs:

dir /ad /s /b *.jpg > art.txt

then you can import art.txt into e.g. word and separate the filename from the path e.g. by a tab-character.
save this textfile and import it e.g. into excel
You should get 2 columsn: one with the path, the other with the filename.
Now import the folder.txt into the 3rd column
then in the fourth column create a formula that counts how often the text in column 3 (folders) appears in column 1 (art path)
All folders that have a zero miss the folder.jpg.
If you have exported the folder.jpg before you create the list, you get all the album path names that have neither.