Find or seach for lowercase first letters

I can see that there are some methods within the forum to address uppercase first letter issues
Is there a way, using the Find function ( or any other method), to find files that have some lowercase first letters in the Filename or Title so that I can make a decision as to which ones need to be changed manually?
Currently I have been looking at every track....majority are fine but there are a few that I would like to fix....sending me blind looking through 80000 tracks...:
Sometimes some first letter still need to be lower case especially in some classical music.
I can use the find function for most things but identifying a capital versus lowercase first letter would be nice if possible.

try this filter:
title MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]

Thanyou...was not expecting such a speedy response :smile:
One other question if I could.
If I wanted to find a forward slash or double forward slash in either composer or genre fields..would there be a way of doing that?

Try this:
composer HAS / OR genre HAS /
(I think that a single slash is also part of fields with a double slash but if you want to find them exclusively ...
composer HAS / AND NOT composer HAS //

Using the argument if the find field (filter field I am assuming)
title MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]
seems to just show every file..

Are you sure?
Because I get really only that file that I editted to start with a lower case letter at the beginning of the field TITLE.
You can see in the status bar how many files are loaded and how many are displayed. stupid mistake.I used (?-1) instead of (?-i)
Should use glasses..
Thankyou again.
Much appreciated.
Out of 80000 odd it has detected 16 with issues...wished I had asked before I changed 800 files during the last week...crazy_face:

title MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]

The above seems to have worked for finding lowercase issues with the first letter of a word in the title now when I enter this into the find area there are no results displayed.

Should this also work for filename (or artist etc if I use "artist MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z])") if I change it to:

filename MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]

when I enter into the find area it for filename I get no results.
I guess it could mean that there are no lowercase issues?

Also the other suggestions worked well:
composer HAS / OR genre HAS /`

composer HAS / AND NOT composer HAS //`

it should be
%_filename% MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]
(I am missing the %-parts of the variable names)

Thankyou again..I shall try it when I get back some time this weekend.