Finding duplicates

I have tried the Ctrl-E config for dupes, but I don't know where the exported file ends up.
Is there some way to just show duplicates by title in the window?

As MP3tag does not compare the tag data between files, there is no way to group duplicates. You can sort, of course, but you would have to scan through the list manually.

I don't know what you did with an export (this usually gets saved in the current working directory) unless you have a dedicated script to do so.

On the problem of alleged duplicates in general, see some threads:

or here:

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I realized the idea of sorting by Title. It's not fast but it works.
Or acoustic detection with MusicBrainz or the like.
Thanks ohrenkino.

there are several ways and software for finding duplicates

  • by comparing whole file checksum (bad)
  • by comparing file without tag by checksum
  • by comparing fuzzy metadata
  • by accoustic fingerprint

have a look on that

thanks Peter. But I'm on a Mac, so that won't work for me.
MusicBrainz will do what I need.

well, there is a lot of software for doing that, possibl for mac too.
Trying to find duplicates with mp3tag is poor.
Don't misunderstand, mp3tag is cool but its not designed for doing that.

"mp3tag is cool but its not designed for doing that."
yes, for what mp3tag does, it's pretty strong. as is support.