Finding & tagging tracks belonging to same album

Is there a way of displaying all the tracks that belong to a specific album so they can be tagged?

My classical music tracks are not catalogued according to album but according to a complex system involving composer, genre (chamber, symphony, etc), individual works, and specific performances, so:

Chamber music



1970 Barenboim
1986 Abegg
2001 Beaux Arts
This is great for finding specific performances of specific works quickly but it is a drag if you ever want to make (general) tag changes to all tracks in an album, since many albums have more than one specific work on them, so the tracks may be spread around on the harddisk.

The only way I know how to find such an album so I can make changes to the tagging is by letting MP3Tag lst all tracks in my "Classical" folder. Listing them all can take the best part of an hour so this is a last resort option. Are there alternative ways of showing all the tracks belonging to a specific album based on the album tag (my filenames do not have album names)? If not, does anyone know of an laternative tagger that does allow one to do this (OSX or Windows)?

Perhaps an update (your signature shows V2.45) to 2.85h does the first trick: it can use a database so that subsequent loads go much quicker.

And actually, I do not understand where your problem is.
Is it correct that you spread your files all over the file system and MP3tag (or any other program) should guess where the files are?
If you have the need to rip albums apart in respect to storage folders, perhaps playlists may solve your problem. YOu would have to create them after you moved the files to the different folders (with the help of MP3tag) and while they are all still loaded in MP3tag.

Thanks for the quick response. I am still on 2.84a and cannot say I have noticed that MP3Tag loads any faster than it used to.

Yes, you are correct in assuming that the files belonging to a single (classical) album are scattered across the harddisk (all my other music is organised by artist-album).

I will look into your playlist suggestion. I have never used MP3Tag for playlists nor for moving files to different folders. I suspect, however, that it might be more trouble than it is worth.

that is why I referred to 2.85h

I still wonder what you think how this should work that a program guesses/anticipates/predicts where you put the files of an album.

I do not expect the program to do that at all, but it would be nice if I could give it an album name and then let it find all the tracks that belong to that album in my music folder/directory, that's all. This ought to be a piece of cake if it keeps a database of files and tags.

you can filter for e.g. an album name.
Yet, you have to load the files first.
Or you use the explorer and let it search for such terms, see
Using Windows Explorer to Query Music Files:

If you really have a tag with the name of the album it is no problem to load all the files in MP3Tag and sort or filter for the album. Mp3Tag can load dirctories and its subdirectories.
If you misused the album-tag for the work of the composer and you don't have defined another tag for the physical album there is no way to sort out which work belongs to a physical album.

I am aware of this and mentioned this in my OP. I am looking for something easier. As I said, if MP3Tag now has a database of tags it should be relatively simple to show just those tracks that belong to a specific album without having to load all tracks first (in my case > 20000).

No, MP3Tag is now able to create his database and use it for a fast reading of the files and a possibility to not have to keep everything in RAM, but ist is no instrument to read a database.
Anyway: with about only 20.000 files it will take less than 5 minutes to load all the files.