FLAC metadata corruption

just upgraded to 2.51. had 3 instances where flac tags have been erased (never title, sometimex artist, album artist and genre).

anyone else seen

No. I've used it to tag three FLAC albums so far without a problem.

To reproduce (not every time)..i right click album folder with .flacs and choose mp3tag.
One of the tracks has no album artist
so i select all tracks, and change the album artist in the drop down to the same as all the other tracks.
save and exit...
when i go back in, some or all tracks now have no album artist, genre, track, albumname....etc.

doesnt happen every time...

it could be that wmp tag plus (WMP plugin) is accessing at same time...causing a problem...will keep checking.

Try to open the files from within MP3tag and not via the Windows Explorer (neither context menu nor d&d) and see whether the files still get locked.

Where does the OP mention files being locked? Is that what you think is happening?

I don't know.
As i have said in other posts: as there has been very little feedback on whether the advice to open (large) files from "within" mp3tag helps or not I suspect that the simultaneous access causes the problems.
The simultaneous access is not intended by most users - it simply happens with the explorer.
Also, it can be observed that this happens either with big files (which flac files usually are) or on slower access like the network access towards a NAS.
Once we have ruled out that the underlying OS hinders the action we can have a look at the integrity of the files.

Link? I wasn't aware that there was an issue.

If there are file access issues that prevent Mp3tag from saving changes to a file, does it pop up a warning/error, or does it ignore the problem and go on to the next file?

e.g. mp3tag hangs in Windows 7 64bit
FLAC files can't be opened for writing
"File Cannot Be Opened For Writing"

Ok, so in those instances an error is raised. That doesn't seem to coincide with the problem described by the OP. How would a locked file result in the complete removal of all fields?

So what is your advice to the initial problem?