FLAC tags not consistent in KMPlayer

There you go!! I checked a few of these ACDC albums. Sure enough, if they were named in the folder as "01 - Track Title" they read correctly in KMPlayer. But if they were listed as "AC-DC - Highway To Hell - 01 - Highway To Hell" then the name in KMPlayer came up as "AC" and no track number was listed. Editing them in the folders, deleting them from the library and then adding them back solved it. Stupid old Winamp plugin.

I'm sorry you guys were racking your brains when it was something I should have picked up on much sooner. But I'm sure grateful that you stuck it out until we solved it. Now I'm off to bed, and really looking forward to another month or so of editing each track name in the folders. NOT!

Oh BTW, I also successfully removed those ID3v2 tags by following your instructions. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I missed a lot by going to bed. dark41, I'm glad you are on the road to tag happiness.

JJ Johnson, I am very impressed, and glad to know that people smarter than me are looking out for the new users. Also, after searching around mp3tag.de, I couldn't find any other discussion of how to remove ID3v2 tags from FLAC (except for a slightly different suggestion by dano that a later commenter complained didn't work). Great advice! Hopefully someone will find this thread if they have a weird ID3v2 tag (like TPE2-Band) floating around their FLAC files.

As for KMPlayer parsing the directory and filenames, that seems a little bit dated, but dark41- this is where mp3tag truly shines. Once you have your tags set up correctly, mp3tag can mirror the tags to the filenames (and directory structure) and vice versa. To mirror the tag information to filenames, use Tag - Filename:
Tag - Filename

As JJ Johnson said, be careful, and run tests. I think this advice is even more important when monkeying around with your directory structure.

If you have problems creating your format strings, there are lots of great posts to read. Best of luck!
This should only take a couple hours, not a couple months!

A good start for your format string (and please note, I said start), based on what KMPlayer appears to be looking for, would be:
%Album Artist% - %Album%\%Track% - %Artist% - %Title%

I agree, this thread should have a sticky as it covered quite a few things that I haven't seen anywhere else on the forum, and would be a great read for anyone using KMPlayer as well as the ID3v2 issue.

Redoing these files isn't as bad as I thought, but its more than a few hours too. I don't think its as simple as making a change to the tags, but I could be wrong as I'm certainly no expert on this stuff.

What I'm finding works is that all Albums which have more than 1 CD (such as greatest hits) were using a structure like D:\flac\ACDC - Live (Collector's Edtion)\Disc 1 (and disc 2 with the same path). These are the ones not displaying correctly, and I've got heaps. By changing the "Disc 1" folder name to "ACDC - Live Disc 1", they now display correctly. So its looking to the immediate folder that the files/songs are in for the album and artist, rather than the tags or the parent folder.

Luckily I can right click on any song that isn't displayed properly in KMPlayer, and select "Explore Item Folder", which takes me right to the folder in question for easily renaming it. Then remove that group from the library, and move on to the next batch. When rescanning the parent folder (D:\flac), all edited folders are now loading correctly.

But man, what a pain, and yes outdated. Its really worth it to me to keep the sound quality of KMPlayer, but most people probably couldn't be bothered going through all this with a large collection of music.

Thanks again for all the help guys! :slight_smile: