Florian, how do choose tagtype among several?


There could be tags of several types in a mp3 simultaneously AFAIK:
ID3v1 ID3v2 APEv2 (APEv1 ?)
How do you choose which of them to show to user?

Is there simple tag type priority scale or maybe you compare their values?


The priority is APEv2 > ID3v2 > ID3v1




I have an mp3 whose V1 and V2 tags are clearly visible in Winamp, yet both come up blank in Mp3tag even when I turn the APE read off. Does Mp3tag have a disambiguation routine that I haven't found? If not can you recommend software that does this? How does Mp3tag deal with ambigous information in its tags?


I almost sure mp3tag does not deal with "ambigous information" at all,
it simply looks for APEv2; if not found - for ID3v2, then - ID3v1

It is a trick mission to solve what tag is better among two or three; the algorithm by dano is much cleaner both for programmer and user.

Look at C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\help\main_viewcolumns.html if you didn't know about it, there are two useful columns available:

%_tag%      Available tag types in file
%_tag_read%     Displayed tag type

QUOTE (zencd @ May 23 2007, 17:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
%_tag% Available tag types in file
%_tag_read%     Displayed tag type<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Thanks for the info. Now I know that my problem file has ID3V1 and ID3V2.3 tags and is displaying ID3V2.3. What isn't explained is why the V2.3 tag is visible in Winamp, but is blank in Mp3tag. There is also an ambiguous V1 tag with only a comment that doesn't appear in the V2 tag. Even when I copy the V2.3 tag to V1 in Winamp, neither is visible in Mp3tag.


I believe I am a step closer to finding out what is wrong in this file. If I use Winamp to copy to V1 then back to V2, then Mp3tag can read the V2. Is there a flag of some kind that tells Mp3tag that the V2 tag is populated and does a lot of software out there ignore this flag and read the tag anyway? I am trying to find out from the author what software tagged the file I'm having trouble with.


If I choose to read ID3V1, ID3V2 and APE tags in MP3Tag's options, wouldn't it make sense for MP3Tag to read and show the tag information of all three tags instead of just considering one of the three and ignoring the others?

Duplicate information could be omitted, while conflicting information could be shown in drop-down boxes, as happens right now when you select several files.

Example: The artist's name in ID3V1 and ID3V2 is "John", in APE2 it's "Johnny". MP3Tag could read all three and show "John" and "Johnny" in a drop-down-box for the artist's name. You could then choose one of the two and the information would be written to all tags which are configured to be rewritten.

This would solve a lot of problems, for example with MP3Gain and its tags.

It would also ne nice if you considered making the toolbar buttons customizable (i.e. allowed users to shift and remove buttons). More specific buttons like "Save to IDV3", "Save to ID3V2" and "Save to APE2" or "Remove ID3V1", ..., could then be made available and users could add or remove them to their taste.