Folder Name to Album Tag, Is it possible?

Hi. First, thank you for a fantastic app. It's helping me a lot.

I've always organized my music by folder name. Recently, Windows 10 changed their file structure so folder names are no longer showing in streaming devices (dlna in my case). The only data that is passed along is the metadata, i.e., tags. My best option is to reorganize my music collection by the Album tag. The problem is that many of my Album tags are either blank or inconsistent with their folder names.

Right now, I am painstakingly going from folder to folder and using mp3tag to rename the Album tags of each file to their respective folder names. It's easy at the folder level. But I have close to 15,000 folders, so I really need a solution to do it at the mass level. Something that would do this:

Folder Name (i) -> %album", with i = 1, ...., 15,000

If there is a way to do this, please share, as it would make my life a lot easier!

Thanks again.

See the FAQs:

Thank you very much for the quick response. I should have given the app more credit! Shortly after posting my question, I played with the app a bit more and noticed that my solution is a simple Tag-Tag command of %_directory% -> %album%! This makes me so happy :slight_smile: Thanks again!