Folder Path Relative To Export Path

If the export path has a different drive letter/path than the "_workingpath":

_workingpath: M:\

export filename: D:\myaudio.xml

_folderpath_rel: M:\path\to\folder\

When saving an export file to a directory other than "_workingpath", the "_folderpath_rel" field contains the absolute path (e.g. "M:\path\to\folder").

If the drive letters are the same, i.e. :

_workingpath: C:\path\to\folder\

export filename: C:\myaudio.xml

_folderpath_rel: path\to\folder\

This is using version 2.43

Why isn't "folderpath_rel" relative to _workingpath in this case?


Note that %_folderpath_rel% is relative to Export output file, not necessarily to the current path (%_workingpath%).