FolderNames -> Tag?


I have a directory sturcture something like this:
\Mozart Collection - piano\CD1*.mp3
\Mozart Collection - piano\CD2*.mp3
\Mozart Collection - piano\CD3*.mp3
\Mozart Collection - arias\CD1*.mp3
\Mozart Collection - arias\CD2*.mp3
\Mozart Collection - arias\CD3*.mp3

And I would like to make the Album tag for all the mp3 files equal to "Mozart Collection - type" + "-" + "CDn"
In other words, Album tag = folder1 + "-" + folder2

How would I do this?



I'd use the converter Filename - Tag with a formatstring like

After importing the tags I'd create a new action Format value and choose ALBUM as field using
%album% - %temp%
as formatstring.

To get rid of the TEMP tag field, I'd select all files and use the extended tag dialog via View, Tags ....

Best regards,
~ Florian