Format and information in the Track field

I’m currently using Mp3tag 2.80. It has introduced a change to the way track numbering is handled, and I need some help trying to work around the problems it is causing.

In the earlier version I had used (I’m not sure which one), I had converted thousands of file names from tag information. The format was fairly standard, drawing information from four fields: artist – album – track – title. That produced a number between 0 – 99 for the track number.

Now, I find that the number displayed in the “Track” column is different, and produces unwanted results when I try to use it to generate a file name.

All the track information is now displayed as a fraction: track number/total tracks. However, when I try to create a file name that uses track information, I get a result that combines both those numbers. For instance, if I try to generate a file name for track #11 of 14 total tracks, I get the number 1114 showing up in the generated file name.

I’d like to know what to do to get back to simply displaying the track number in the “track” column, and generating a 2-digit number when using that information to create a file name.

See if
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helps you.

I have used MP3Tag now for 8 years and I don't remember that the track numbering wizard changed.
If you don't want to have the tacknumbers in the format 04/12 you just have take away the mark "Save total count of tracks".