Format string to remove unwanted characters

Hi there :slight_smile:

I current have an action on the _DIRECTORY to rename the folder using the following action after I tag the FLACs using Discogs:

Format Value "_DIRECTORY": %artist% - %album% '('%mediatype%')' '['%publisher%, %CATALOGID%']'

When I rename the folder, it gives me this:

Genius GZA - Shadowboxin' 4th Chamber (CD (Maxi-Single, Promo)) [Geffen Records, PRO-CD-4853]

I want to replace this:

(CD (Maxi-Single, Promo))


(CD, Maxi-Single, Promo)

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Provided there are never any brackets in the album part ..
I would use an action group with 2 actions of the type simple "Replace"
Search: _(
Replace: ,_
(where the underscore represents a space character)
Search: ))
Replace: )

Hi thanks for your help. The second part of the example you gave me worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Here is an example of what I am working with:
Little Indian - One Little Indian (CD (Single, Promo) [Premeditated, PRO-CD-7804]

What I want to do is replace all instances of (anydata (anydata,anydata) so it looks like

(anydata, anydata, anydata)

I basically just want to remove the 2nd ( in that particular section of the string and replace it with a comma.

I am guessing I can use this to search



but what do I replace with?

Search string:(.*) \((.*)
Replace string: $1, $2

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