[Formating] How can i format, rename and export

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I did follow this post on renaming though i have a few more questions

How can i load up a music folder

Clean the text so every first word is capitalized


Clean the text so every word is capitalized

Remove values of words and change to new values - including http://www.example.com/example

(I attempted using a string of values found here and mp3tag removed :// and other slashes)

How can i preset this all so it is as much automated as possible

  • So have preset "Actions" ready to remove the most common assortment of words

  • So i can export the finished words with playlist in folder

  • Is their a feature where i could also add a customized text file in there with a message?

Is it at all possible to then take the artist name and album title and have those used to rename the folder?

Thanks in advance for all those that suggest steps in going forward

Also thanks to mp3tag for such an amazing software

I do not understand

Please check the FAQs on actions, esp.
on case conversion.

Could you please show us the string that you have used?
The double-shlash serves as separator between multivalue-fields, so leaving out the http:// bit might do the trick.

you would have to create that set of actions and action groups yourself and trigger them manually.

I do not understand: What kinds of words do you want to "finish"?
Where do you see the "in" and what is the purpose of a message?

Yes, see the Convert-functions for that or apply an action of the type "format value" to either _FILENAME or _DIRECTORY.
This is also dealt with in the FAQs


How can i change this:

11 - track name


11 - Artist Name - Track Name - Domain.com

Please advise

Provided you have filled the fields
Use Convert>Tag-Filename
Enter as mask
$num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title% - %www%

Thanks I Appreciate this

I have done something where

The tile of all the files are

< keep > - Example.com

How can i use mp3tag

To take the filename and
replace it where it says
keep for all the tracks?

You need an action to append a string to existing fields contents.
See /t/967/1
for this