freedb...Whos Al Green?

:unsure: I was doin some housekeeping and found a directory with some wave files (track 1-15) so i figured one of my hommies musta ripped a cd and forgotten it (I gotta start lockin up my computer)

After listening I figured it was Al Green and converted it to mp3 with eac and did a AMG search, found the album, verified I had all the tracks. I did a freedb web search by artist only, and entered, al green , and it only came up with one album by him. I mean this guys a legend! Maby I did something wrong.

I highlighted all the files in Mp3Tag window figuring it wound find the alb and I could proceed. Are there any other web db's i should be usin?

Anyways I did auto#ing, and used Tag input mask to get Alb, date and artist into the tags. I do have txt files of discography I've cut and pasted From AMG for all of my albs so I can verify the correct durations when DLing songs off P2P but I'm holding off for a better way than cut and paste each title for this alb. and others.

Yes, it's right: freedb has only one album with "Al Green" as artist. You can easily proove this by using the web-search.

Maybe you can use the converter Taglist-file - Tag, to import tags from textfiles to the files. Please have a look at this topic for further information.

Best regards,
~ Florian