Freezes when writing more than about 8 files at once

With version 3.12 I still have the problem, that the programm freezes after writing a single tag (here: Artist) on multiple files. I have to kill the prog with TaskManager.
All firles have been tested with MP3Diags and MP3Val!
Any suggestions?
Help will be appreciated, thank you

What kind of files? mp3? FLAC? m4a? WAV?

Where do you write this files? Locally on your internal SSD? On a external USB drive? On a network attached storage?

simple MP3 files. Type: speech. Files are converted from .aax (audible) to mp3 with AAXtoMP3

Sorry - files lie on my local HDD

BTW: the problem occurs not only with these, but with every greater amount of files,

Here is a check list:

Esp. the part "which other programs run (and may have interest in the files)?" should be taken seriously.

Only MP3TAG freezes. I tried to move the files to a directory an my HDD with a shorter name - alas: the same failure.

which looks to me like access rights problems and simultaneous access leading to a deadlock situation. You have to spend a little more effort in this investigation as it is almost impossible to reproduce your environment over here.
Or in other words: I have manipulated 1584 files (added a date) without any problems.

Edit: found another thread - which only gave hints on how to tweak the speed of loading - but perhaps the freezing was just a temporary impression:

Thanks! I have no plan to discover my problem.. Unfortunately I have to try an other tool for managing the tags..

There are at least 2 things that can easily be checked:
is a player running at the same time that automatically watches certain folders, esp. those in which MP3tag modifies tags?
Do you use the Windows Defender and have added the exceptions?

And if all this is leads to nothing: do you run MP3tag under the same user-id under which you installed it? Do you get better results, if you run MP3tag as Administrator?

Does MP3tag alsways stop at the same file(s)?

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The culprit is found: Acronis Active Protection. When dactivated MP3TAG works whithout failure!!
Thank you for all your advices!

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Thank you for not giving up. It is good to know that it is sometimes such a program that interferes

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Danke! Ich habe gerade meine Unterstützung überweisen - das ist es mir Wert!

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I love it when these "protection" programs block access to programs, and don't pop up some kind of notification. How is one to know that some action is required? Seems like such a simple requirement to allow a user to - you know - use their computer.

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I found the problem accidentally: when MP3tag seemed to freeze, I saw in ressource monitor, that 'System' was writing as mad with a task 'activeProtection'.
Recently I had a similar problem with MediaMonkey and suspected this programm to be faulty..

It is good that you were able to resolve this. Still, this is frustrating when no notification message is provided by the protection software.

Now you can go on to using mp3tag for your needs!

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