Future suggestion

Hi all
I have written a small snippit i use to manipulate the Path of an MP3 to incorporate it into the Filename, which thus allows me to incorporate Path info into the ID3 tag info. Unfortunately i am no good at C or whichever variation being used, so there is not much point in posting it here, but it is only a few simple lines.
The context is as follows: i have a friend who collects songs from youtube. when they are saved by youtube the files have very odd names and often no ID3 tag info at all. The problem arises when he has 500 songs in a folder, none of which can be identified properly from the file name. so i have got him to place each group of songs into a folder labeled "Artist - Album"
Now if MP3Tag could manipulate the Path of the file in the "Filename to Tag" window, it would maybe make a useful feature for the future.

You are looking at the wrong function. To manipulate the path you have to use Convert>Tag-Filename as this is a writing function.
See the FAQs on how to create a folder structure from tag data:

No i do mean what i posted in the OP. i want to be able to use the Path as part of the filename ie 'Path to Tag' or 'Path to Filename'. this allows me to use the path in tag

sorry if that was unclear

Did you have a look at the FAQs?
As they describe how you can also use (parts of) the path to get that data into the tag fields.
You just have to prefix fields from the filename with a backslash e.g.
%artist% - %album%\%title%

i will have to check that. it seems you might have solved my issue here. i will get back if i have trouble