Genre> Adding default fields

Hi , did a quick search but found nothing ?

I'd like to have some defaults in the genre field > Blues , Rock , Folk .

Currently I'm typing in the desired genre every time ....

I'm sure there is an easier way :slight_smile:

would a kind soul please point me in the right direction ?

TIA ( Thanks In Advance )

I'm trying:

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for some reason , most likely operator error , I've no presets , just a blank field .

Please check Tools>Options>Genres
whether you have set "Only custom genres"

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Bingo , thank-you very much :slight_smile:

Hi All , Back again .

Sadly the solution isn't permanent .

every time I open mp3tag the genre fields are blank .

this issue is perplexing to me .

when I open mp3tag the drop down list in genres is blank .

I can add user defined genre BUT they do not show when editing tags .

typing in a genre works however this is a tad redundant :frowning:

So, what do your settings int Tools>Options>Genre look like?
Have you added any genres there?

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You have to use the tagpanel to see your user-defined genres, not the extended tagpanel as you obviously do.

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Bingo :slight_smile: knew it would be something simple

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