Genre automatic lowercase


I want to tag the genre as 'POP'
But when i type in 'POP', it automatically converts to 'Pop'

I looked at the community and tried all the solutions in similar cases, but nothing changed.

How can I solve it?
I need your knowledge, please help me.

Hi and welcome!

"Pop" is just the suggestion from auto-complete — if you type it all in upper-case letters as "POP" it should stay so and you can save it to your tags.

Thank you for your quick answer.
Just a few hours ago, when I typed it in uppercase, it just appeared.
However, the problem is automatically converted to lowercase even if i type uppercase.
Is there any other way?
I'm sorry and thank you.

Are you writing ID3v1 tags? If so, the genre is only stored as a numerical value and then displayed in Mp3tag using its corresponding name.

If not, please let me know which Mp3tag version and which file type you're working with.

Version : Mp3tag v3.16
Tag : MP4
File format : m4a(AAC)

As a result of checking, it works with tag ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3) but not works with tag MP4.
How can I solve it?

Yes, it's the same with MP4 where standard genres are preferably stored as a numerical value corresponding to the ID3v1 genre number.

MP4 supports custom genres, but currently no custom uppercase/lowercase of standard genres in Mp3tag.

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