Genre category drop-down

Thanks that worked after i restarted comp.

I also want to know if there is a way to copy the mp3 tag genre to make a category with drop down menu to select from like the genre.

I am not quite sure what you mean.
The list of genres is defined by the standard and some enhancements, see e.g.

If you want to add user-defined genres, see File>Options>Genre
If you want to add a drop-down list with user-defined entries: there is no such function in MP3tag, see e.g.

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You see i would like to have a drop down list for each section to select for each Category, Instrument and Key. Also is there a way to have things pre-filled out already when the program turns on like Artist, Composer, etc.

i think youtube videos would help or sending out templates.

As I said: there is no way to get preset user-defined dropdown lists.
What you can do: load files that already have the right entries and also load the files that need to be tagged. Then select the already tagged file and the ones that should get the same data for a particular field and you can select the string from the dropdown list.

You can set standard values for each field. This allows one standard value per field. So I doubt that this is really useful for ARTIST, COMPOSER.
You can create actions that set values in fields.

Feel free to create videos and templates.
BTW: there are already templates for web source scripts and exports.

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A ok ill check them out.

I was having issues with export data recently i dont know why.
I reinstalled mp3tag but now all the export csv, html, etc data is gone. All the code i did is gone. Where can i get the default code?

nvm i just found it XD
but it is not being picked up by mp3tag editor

This I cannot reproduce.
Every fresh installation comes with the default scripts.
As the web source and export scripts are plain text
I do not know what you mean by

as you only need a plain text editor.
To see the various locations for MP3tag data, see

This is the first time i have this issue
even the app data romaing section is gone for mp3tag.
everything seems to be directly in the program folder now

Looks like you selected "portable" instead of "standard" installation.

yes u were right

but now all my default tags are gone

what are mappings for?

I am not sure what the installation of MP3tag and mappings has to do with Genre category drop-down.
Please note that there is a fairly comprehensive help in MP3tag.
e.g. Mapping – Mp3tag Documentation
The search function in this forum is also worth a try, esp. the FAQ section and the HowTo part.
Howto - Mp3tag Community

how do i load the settings i have on zipfile

You already got a link for this, see

i did that still not restored

If you really

everything should be fine now.
I cannot look over your shoulder and see what is going on.
So you have to much more detailed and describe thoroughly what you do and what the reactions are.
Otherwise it is not really possible for me to offer any more help.
I still wonder what the installation and restauration of settings has to do with the original topic.

i followed the instructions you gave me about the installation of the settings but it remains the same.
I will redo the tags and mapping

You wrote that you switched with update from a standard-installation to a portable installation. Are you aware that If you want to stick by the portable installation you have to restore the settings to your portable program folder an not to the appdata-section of Mp3Tag?

There are the following locations where you can look / try to get your old settings to work again:

  • The installation folder (usually only portable installations),
  • the Windows programs folder for MP3tag (usually only old installations)
  • the %appdata% folder (default new installations)

Check in each of these folders that, if you unpack your archive, you will see your configurations. If you do not, delete the unpacked data again, so that you do not get confused.

Alternatively, you could uninstall MP3tag, check your filesystem that there are not unwanted traces left, re-install MP3tag in the way you want it and then unpack the archive in the correct folder.