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F**kin good software for my music collection, BTW!
I've got a problem with the Genre column. When I use Discogs Pone Mod 4.3 for retrieve info by Discogs ID it writes to the GENRE tag the values existing at GENRE tag + STYLES tag, as you can see in this capture:

Is there any way to obtain the values Techno IDM and Ambient (which are STYLE's tags) separate from the GENRE's tags?
As you can see, after Ambient (STYLE), there goes Electronic (GENRE). Don't know why happen this.
If I click OK, Genre tag column will show just that: Techno\\IDM\\Ambient\\Electronic
Is there any other way to correct this "on the fly" but using Replacement Action? I mean: I want to be shown like this: "Techno, IDM, Ambient" (on Style field column) and "Electronic" on Genre's.

Thanks you all!

The double \\ looks to me as though you have a multi-value field (that is: several instances of the same field type) as MP3tag uses the \\ to separate them.
Check the extended tags dialogue if this is the case.
Use the $meta() and $meta_sep functions to see multi-value fields and to change the the separator.
(See the help for this:

You can join the multi-value field to one single field again ( which you then can treat with all the other functions to get the right sequence. and then you can separate them again into multi-value fields.

The screenshot shows the tag-field GENRE holding a list of unique GENRE or STYLE names, formatted into a multi-value tag-field.

I don't know all the options, which the script developer 'pone' has already built into the user adaptable configuration part of his websource script.

Assuming there maybe is no configuration option to split GENRE and STYLE names into two separate tag-fields ...
(I can not believe it actually),
... you may try out the following method to apply as a final cleanup procedure.

  1. Given is a 'bad' list of genre and style names mixed together.
    For example: 'TEST\\Techno\\IDM\\Ambient\\Electronic\\Blues\\TEST'

  2. Create a 'good' checklist of genre names.
    For example: 'ElectronicRockBlues'

  3. Create a 'good' checklist of style names.
    For example: 'TechnoIDMAmbient'

  4. Check each name from the bad list, whether it matches with a name in the good lists.
    If there is a match, then put this name into the new list for genre names, ...
    respectively put this name into the new list for style names.

  5. At end of the comparing procedure remove the helper lists.

  6. The result is a set of two new lists, one list with genre names, and one list with the style names.
    The lists /will be/can be/must not/ converted into multi-value tag-fields GENRE_NEW and STYLE_NEW.
    Then decide what to do next.

I have attached a Mp3tag action script for testing ... adapt it to your needs ...
Test_2014_20140515.Clean.Genre.Style.mta (2.76 KB)

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Test_2014_20140515.Clean.Genre.Style.mta (2.76 KB)