Genre Field - feature request

I have huge collection of non-english music. The genre list is not same as the english genre.

The problem, I am facing although I can manually type the genre I need. If am coping the tags from old song to new song.

Old Song, genre: Duet/Romantic
Song Song, genre:

If I select these two songs, then in drop down menu, I won't see the genre of old song file. Instead, I will see the full list of standard genre.

I do not want to use "copy and paste tags", because old song is mp3 and new is m4a bought from apple. There are lot of tags in new song (itunescatlogid), which I want to retain in the new song. but want to copy the existing fields.

I need genre field to function like any other fields, album, artist, etc.

So, in the left column browser, I try to add genre. It would not take it, because it is already available in pre-defined fields.

Please add ability treat genre field in pre-defined left browser like another field as an option or ability add genre field again in the left browser.

Please assist. I love mp3tag. This one feature is killing me.

Perhaps this explains it:
For ID1 tags there is a list of pre-defined genres that are mapped internally to a number.
See e.g. Wikipedia for the list.
The genres have to be typed just like the standard suggest, otherwise all non-id3v1 genres end up as "other".

But you can limit the list to only user-defined ones in Tools>Options>Genres.

Very Good explanation.

But my problem with genre is that, even if I check "use only custom genre list". Although it is not showing the long list of standard list. It is not showing the existing genres in the selected songs.


song1, genre:Duet
song1_new, genre:

song2, genre:Pathos
song2_new, genre:

I will have along list of combinations songs

I want to copy the genre from genre from song1 to song1_new, and song2 to song2_new. When I select song1 and song1_new, in the dropdown menu of genre, I get options , . If it was any other field, say album, it would have showed , and Duet.

Please assist.

Just curious, does anybody still uses ID2 version1 anymore?

I am using Version 2.3. I am primarily iTunes user.

I know what you mean.

The idea behind it might be: if you see the genre
Hip Hop
you would not know which one complies with the standard (it's Hip-Hop, BTW).

So one would also be stored (correctly) in the V1 genre, the other one would turn to "Other".

This might be puzzling.
Just as it is not to see what you have entered already.
It might be worthwhile to add a special character like * to the already found but not standard-compliant (which is "user-defined") genres ...

With my workflow in tagging I have a problem too with that multiple-choice list of genres.

It may often be very handy not to have to write genres manually and to select the correct genre out of a predefined list.
But most of the time I miss the possiblity to set a unique genre to all marked files in the tag-panel out of a list of already existent genres in the selected files. It is not only that I have to select the genre of a very long list in these cases or enter it manually. The disadvantage is too that I cannot see in the tag-panel which different genres the selected files have and I have to define a genre-column and to look through the list.

For most of the artists and albums you have the possibility to use different genres and all of them would be right. I.e., if something is "Rock", "Southern Rock", "Country", "Country-Rock" or "Folk-Rock" can vary from the eye of the user and the position of the moon, when the user makes his choice. You only have to look at the different genres the web-sources have for the same song or album. Not to mention such obscure genres like "Vocal" or "Oldies". I obmit that I often don't remember which choice I made last time but my gain is to unify genres.

I would like not only to see a list of the possible genres to select but a list of the already existing genres in the marked files (as it its possible with all other tag-fields) and so very easy select the correct one for me out of this existing-list instead of looking in the column-view which genres exist and then take my choice.

I see your point. But here is the issue. Genre is treated a special field that either id1 version1, genre can used or from custom list and that too only one genre per song.

I want to genre to be treated like any other field, album, artist,... I want to use multiple genres and copy the genres from existing song to new version song (higher bit rate).

So, we can please add an option in preference for user to set the genre field be generic and be able to treated as another field. It will be untied from this standard and custom list. And most important review the genre of two selected songs with different genres or one of them being blank.

Please consider this.

mp3tag is the primary id3 tag editor for me. This one feature is causing a lot of headache and slowly me down when replacing newer version of the songs.

This might help...

Suggestion for Genres

This works indeed if you define only this entry in the usrfields.ini.
But this ini-file is used to define more than the standard tag-fields in the tag-panel like i have.
As soon as you define more than the standard it does not work anymore.

Still working for me...

name=Comment (COMM)

name=Genre (TCON)

name=Composer (TCOM)

name=Album Artist/Band (TPE2)

name=ContentGroup (TIT1)

name=Publisher (TPUB)

name=Subtitle (TIT3)



Works for me as well! PERFECT

name=Album Artist










Thanks a ton. This trick worked for me. Check the numbers in the first line. Perhaps, they are messed up in your case.

Thanks again.

Yes it works.
I was a little confused because the Genre-field shows twice.
For writing genres I can only use the self-defined tag-field.
The result of writing then shows up in both genre-fields.