GENRE Lost all my user-defined genres

After installing an upgrade some time ago I lost all my user-defined genres for classical music (ap. 150). Now I can't even choose between different genres. The drop-down menue does not work nor can I enter new genres on the Tag-Panel option like I used to do. Has anybody an idea what has gone wrong?

See here:

Thanks for your help. I can now enter new GENRES (I remember having done this in a different much easier way before: I think I could choose directly under Tap-Panel something like adding a new Genre) however I still have no drop down menu in the GENRE field.

Then please show us the settings for that field in the tag panel that you find if you click on "Manage..." in the field definition dialogue.

Does that help?

You would have to untick "Prefer values..."

Yes. If you are interested "How to use screenshots to exemplify the issue"

From the Genre documentation:

Show only user-defined genres

If enabled, the drop-down list of the Genre field on the Tag Panel only shows user-defined genres after a restart of Mp3tag.

Prefer genres from tags in list at Tag Panel

If enabled, Mp3tag shows the genres from the tags in the list on the Tag Panel and if the files don’t have any, shows the list of genres to select from.

THANK YOU! Now the drop down menu works again.
Is there no easier way to add GENRES?
It used to be so simple.

I doubt that there was a simpler way.
Or you could create a list in a text file and load that contents into the "Manage" dialogue.

I wonder where your old definitions have gone.
Usually, the settings get migrated.
Have you changed the installation method so that the old settings could not be remembered?

I think all the mess started when I updated once the 32-bit instead of the 64-bit Version by mistake.

I think I can live with the solution you showed me - thanks again for your fast help - I have just donated 10 bucks.

Yours, sincerely


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