Genres disappearing

I use mp3tag on a Mac and have loved every thing about it, but in the every version, beta all the way up to current day, I have always had this problem. If I load the files in and edit the genres and close the program, then when I reopen it, half that genres are there and half aren’t. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but I would love a fix.

Hi and thanks for your feedback!

Does this mean, that the Genres you've entered are not saved to the files or that you don't see them in the Genre drop-down list?

The genres I have entered are not saving to the files. Only about half are actually saving, and I’m not sure why.

That sounds strange. Can you describe the type of file (MP3, MP4, ...) and the Genres you're saving? Maybe even accompanied by screenshots that exemplify the issue?