Get tags from file

It is a little puzzling for me why the properties show the fiel extension twice: (.mp3) (.mp3)
If I open the properties of an mp3 file, I see it only once...

So could it be that the files are called e.g. 19824139C.mp3.mp3?
(Probably not)
But showing the extensions would reveal if the file name has e.g. a blank at the end in front of the extension.

Or you could copy the filename in all its beauty from the text file and paste it into the filter box and see which file is found.
The filename
19824139C.mp3 does not match
19824139C .mp3

Well opening the files in MP3TAG the file extension is just .mp3

In the filter box i tried

19814239 C.mp3

They all found the correct and only file

The display of the double mp3 (19824139C.mp3.mp3) happens when you have VLC as the default audio player for mp3's :frowning:

Your text file looks OK on the face of it - but I wonder if the spaces are actually 'Tabs' as every thing looks very nicely lined up.
In a quick test of this on my MP3Tag 'Tabs' will cause no match, but also a parse error., for example: "Cannot parse line 1."

It is very easy to convert any tabs to spaces in Notepad++.
Open the file, select all and from the 'Edit' menu option select Blank Operations and then TAB to Space, and all and any tabs will be converted to spaces.

Having just done some further tests it may be that the mismatch of spaces between text file contents and the mask is also causing the issue.

Once you have made sure there are no Tabs then you will also need to reduce the number of spaces so they match your mask.

This is also very easy in Notepad++ :slight_smile:
Select all and using Replace (Ctrl H) enter two space's in the Find What: text box, make sure the Replace With: text box is empty and press Replace all and that should clear out any multiple spaces, leaving you something like this:

|19814121C.mp3 |Human League |Open your Heart |23 |11/10/1981 |21 ||
|19814123C.mp3 |Elvis Costello |Good Year For the Roses |8 |11/10/1981 |23 ||

It may or may not have spaces after each section and you will have to adjust the mask once you have done the removal based on what is produced.

I would recommend that you work on a copy of your master text file.

As a reminder each line will need to have the same format - so if you are left with some lines that have a space after the artist name (for example) and others don't then a further run will be needed.
In this case search for | (space bar) and replace it with | (just the bar). This should then make all lines like this:

|19814121C.mp3|Human League|Open your Heart|23|11/10/1981|21||
|19814123C.mp3|Elvis Costello|Good Year For the Roses|8|11/10/1981|23||

And adjust the mask accordingly.

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Terry you have been like a dog with a bone with this.

I think you know by now it worked

Good tip about working on a copy of the file :rolleyes:

I am one happy man, there were times when i nearly deleted the files because i never thought i would see them tagged, and i wasn't gonna do it manually

Thank you both, whoo hoo