Version 1.02 is available:


Version 1.02, Mp3tag 2.45d and Windows 7:

Version 1.02 funktioniert super.
Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich, was aus diesem mp3tag Programm alles machbar ist!
Es macht mir immer mehr Spass.

Liebe Grüsse


da schließe ich mich doch glatt an mit dem zusatz ein Glück für uns User solche Leute onBoard zu haben.

Das Tool läuft 1a auch mit MP3TAG 2.46 !

Sebastian, thank you for the report.

The crux is, that I have no W7 machine at hand.
GetMp3tagFormatStrings might have timing problems on rather slow or too fast machines,

The error report, you've send me, shows that Mp3tag has been already started, but the "Filter" dialog window was not loaded at the time the error occurred.

The only thing I can do is to give Mp3tag a few more seconds to establish itself.
I've just released GMFS v1.03.
Please try itnout and give feedback by forum private mail or standard email.



GetMp3tagFormatStrings Version 1.03 is available:
Download link see post #1 in this thread


Works fine with 2.46a under Windows 7.

Sebastian, thank you for testing and feedback!


nice tool.

is there a way to re-import the textfile into Mp3Tag after i edit it (after i delete unnecessary ones and re-order others).

Yes, there might be a way, I did a few steps into this direction already, it is rather complicated, because of the Mp3tag user language interface and some closed cfg-file and Mp3tag dialog styles and because of the lack of time and ... will say: do not wait for a solution, maybe some other coder steps in.


GetMp3tagFormatStrings Version 1.04 is available.
Download link see post #1 in this thread ...

Added support for converter "Tag - Tag", new in Mp3tag v2.50.


Filterliste speichern: Mit Version 1.05 erhalte ich die Fehlermeldung
"This tool needs access to Mp3tag v2.51. Currently accessible is Mp3tag v2.54. This tool will be terminated now."
Wer kann helfen? vgl. hier "Mp3tagSetFilterStrings" Version 1.00

Manfred, thank you for the tip about missing support for Mp3tag version 2.54.

GetMp3tagFormatStrings Version 1.06 is available.
Download link see post #1 in this thread ...

Should support Mp3tag v2.51 .. v2.54.


Seems to work with v2.61a

Mufky, thank you for the review.
Also seems to work with Mp3tag v2.63.


Excellent idea.
I finally tried the tool today but it failed on my system.
Error report attached. (59.4 KB)

Thank you for the error information via pictures.
The error from the pictures has happened while the program was already in the error handler routine.
There must have been a preceded error, whose error information has been lost due to the following error in the error handler routine.

If there exists the file "Mp3tagGetFormatStrings.LastError.txt" in the folder ...
... please send it to me via forum private message.

It looks like as if the tool does not work with some new Windows version.
Note: Mp3tagGetFormatStrings is a Windows 32 bit application.


Sorry, the file was not found anywhere.

Gibt es auch eine Mp3tagGetFormatStrings-Version, die mit aktuellem MP3TAG-Programm lauffähig ist?

Gute Frage, ich habe das Tool seit längerer Zeit selbst nicht mehr benutzt und mich auch schon gewundert, warum niemand ein Update begehrt. Manfred, ich muss mir das erst einmal in Ruhe ansehen, welche Änderungen zu machen wären, und ob es überhaupt noch zu machen ist.
Leider habe ich wegen Hardwareschaden zurzeit keine hinreichende Arbeitsumgebung, und somit brauchen wir alle Geduld.