Have i understood wrong ?


I read from freedb.org in wen section that mp3tag 2.02 support for free text query from freedb. So you can tag incomplete albums.

I try with my Aha - Hunting High and Low.mp3 wich lay in folder caalled Aha - Hunting High and Low. And firs program ask "multiple freedb servers found" select one. ANd those are clearly not servers, but like albums.
SO is there bug in text box or is that normal behaver.
And how that program sent query in my case.
I have selected that single .mp3 file and pressed freedb buttom.


Hi Pekka,

there is a inconsistency in the english language file. I'll fix that in the next release of Mp3tag. It should read like 'Multiple results found'.

When you press the freedb-button, you have to choose the freedb query-style. If you choose the last option 'via web-search', Mp3tag sends an http-query to the web-sreach of freedb.org and parses the results. That's all ...

~ Florian


Ok. Now i got it. One more did you get that mail i send earlier by mp3tag.com issue...