Help - change title tags

I used to be able to do what I want to do, but I lost the formula and for the life of me, I cannot find it anywhere in the forum and I'm about ready to scream LOL

What I want to do is change the titles of my tracks to have consecutive numbers after the title, ie the current titles of the tracks are

Title - Part 01, Title - Part 02, etc. and I want it to say
Title 01, Title 02.

Some of the files I want to convert are not all in the format of Title - Part 01. Some of them will be Title 001, Title 002, and so on and so forth.
So I am looking for the formula to end up with Title 01, Title 02, etc and have them all numbered consecutively in this format.
I know I have to click on the icon before the A with the pulldown menu, then select "format value" and then chose "title."

But I am now on a new computer and I don't have access to the format string that I need to enter to get the titles the way that I want them and if anyone can tell me what I put there, I promise to write it down somewhere safe this time LOL :slight_smile:

I assume that you really want to modify the TITLE tag and not the filename.
Also, I assume that you have the correct numbering stored in the TRACK tag. IF not, try the numbering assistant first.
If you want to add a string to a tag field, have a look at the FAqs:

if you want to have a three-digit number at the end of a title, then in that action from the FAQs use the string
%title% $num(%track%,3)
(or $num(%track%,2) for a 2-digit number)
Please note, that unless you have an audiobook with loads of titles that really have the same string (as there are no chapters), most players work much better with a filled track tag instead of a number at the end of a title.

Oh yes: if you want to remove the "Part" word from your titles, use an action to simply replace it with nothing.
If you want to add "part" and the track number, then append the format string and write "part" in front of $num(%track%,3).

Hi, and thank you for your reply. It was very helpful :slight_smile: