Help! How to remove artist name from title tag

Hi all,
I am quite new to mp3tag and still i loved the features.
My problem is i have to get the title name from the filename which contains both artist name and trak number. But other then that there is no info on the Tag.
So i tried Replace with regular expression but only managed to delete -() and bnumbers from the title name. The artist name still remains which i dont want to see in title. Can someone help me how to remove the artsit name from filename and then use it on Title.

Please show us the concrete data, the filename for instance, which seems to be the basic source of all data. What tag-fields should be filled from the filename's data?


For example there is no info other then this filename in the tag file
05-Depeche_Mode-Two_Minute_Warning.mp3 And i want to use only the Two Minute Warning for the Title. I managed to remove track number and "-" sign but as the artist changes with each song i failed to remove it.
So basically i will first enter artist names manually as they can be entered in bulk. Then use the artist tag to remove the artist name from title. But could not managed how to do it.

Or i can use the artist name to make the Title tag standart like Song name - Artist name. But now they are all mixed.

This seems to be one of the simple tasks for Mp3tag.
You may find tons of similar requests in the forum.

Filename looks like:

Converter: Filename - Tag
Format string: %TRACK%-%ARTIST%-%TITLE%

... or ...
Action: Guess values
Source format: %_FILENAME%
Guessing pattern: %TRACK%-%ARTIST%-%TITLE%

... will create three tag-fields TRACK, ARTIST, TITLE.

If you do not want to take over a value, then use the placeholder %DUMMY% instead of a tag-field placeholder.
For example ...
Guessing pattern: %DUMMY%-%ARTIST%-%DUMMY%
... will write the current value of %ARTIST% into the tag-field ARTIST ...
... will not change the content of existing tag-fields TRACK, TITLE.

The tag-fields ARTIST and TITLE need some postprocessing to replace each underline character by one space character.

Converter: Tag - Tag
Field: TITLE
Format string: $replace(%TITLE%,'_',' ')

... or ...
Action: Replace
Field: TITLE
Original: _
Replace with:
Only as whole word: no
Case-sensitive comparison: no

... or ...
Action: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: $replace(%TITLE%,'_',' ')

After decomposition of the file name, you can put together a new file name from the current tag-fields.
For example ...
Converter: Tag - Filename
Format string: %ARTIST%' - '%ALBUM%' - '%TRACK%' - '%TITLE%

... or ...
Action: Format value
Format string: %ARTIST%' - '%ALBUM%' - '%TRACK%' - '%TITLE%


Thanks a lot for the help.
Also is there a way to give a tag multi genre as i need to see it on both genres if i sort them seperately. I am using genres like a playlist in my car :stuck_out_tongue:

Mp3tag supports the creation and handling of a multi-value tag-field.
You should make sure, that your player supports the multi-value GENRE tag-field.

You can create a multi-value tag-field by a converter dialog or by an action or in the dialog "Extended tags..." manually.

Search for "multi value" in the forum posts.
Find out in the Mp3tag help manual what functions are provided to work with multi-value tag-fields.

Read there how to add one more genre ...