help: i want to export Shortcuts

Albums that are Collaborations or Splits (2 or more artists), but not Various Artist albums (like the NOW! series) are an issue for the way i am currently trying to tag/sort my music out. Obviously the files can only be in one place, but if an album has more than 1 artist (LuLu by Metallica & Lou Reed for example) can only be physically placed in 1 location and i don't want that location to be a "Various artists" folder like most people seem to use.

I want to have mp3 tag check each album for multiple albumartists, and store the files in the first artist's folder and create a Shortcut in the folder of the other artists. It looks like i may be able to write a custom "export function" to do this, but I don't know how to make a "custom export function" do this so if anyone has code to do this or can give me some pointers to get me started it would be greatly appreciated!

The duplication of files or the creation of shortcuts is a task for the underlying operating system.
You may use the export function to get a list of files and then generate an OS batch job to process the files.

A personal word: In my opinion it is absolutely irrelevant, where a certain file is stored in the file system. Any retrieval of information should be managed by a suitable player.
So it might be worthwhile to investigate which mechanism is supported by the player to show several artists for one album.
E.g. WMP uses "; " as separator between several artists. You would have to forgo other separators like "&", though.

You can learn from there ...
... how to create an export file, which creates a VBS script file, which in turn can create shortcut files.

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Shortcut v1.11 (Shortcut.exe) Last Updated: 07/04/2005
Allows you to create, modify or query Windows shell links (shortcuts) from the command-line.
You can export the properties of an existing shortcut to a text file in .INI format.
Use 'Shortcut /?' to view the syntax.
Requirements: Windows 95 or later

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