Help needed: Edit multiple tracks with wrong field info


Im a beginner , so please be gentle.


How can i clean up my Traktor MP3 collection with mp3tag?

I have several hundred tracks which contain more info than just the tracktitle (in the trackname field) and i am looking for a way/script to sort these as efficient as possible.

An example of a faulty trackname:

- 08_A-Brothers_-_Basement Rocker_GO!DIVA_Remix_Master

I want this to be displayed in the correct fields, so it look like this:

A-Brothers (as the Artist)
Basement Rocker GO!DIVA Remix Master (as the trackname)

But how do i delete al the unwanted fieldinfo such as: Tracknumber / underscores / seperators etc.?

I only need the Artist and title to be saved

Can this be done with multiple files in a single script?


I take it that this is the filename?
Try the function Convert>Filename-Tag.

You have to enter a mask.
Try something like

  • %track%%artist%-_%title%
    This will copy the data to the fields.

If the data is really stored in the field TITLE and not the _FILENAME then you have to create an action of the type "Import Tag-Field" for TITLE.
The import mask is the same as in the Convert function I described above.

Then treat the fields to remove the underscores.
For this create an action (see FAQs /t/967/1 for that)
Use an action of the type "Replace" (not Replace with regular expression) for the field TITLE.
Enter as search pattern: _
Enter a blank (space) in Replace string.

Do the same for ARTIST.

If the pattern in the source data is different from your examples, then it is most likely that you do not get the desired results. You have to adapt the source pattern then.