Help- Selectng Track Problem

Hi Everyone,

I just updated to version 2.4 and I use the Amazon database to tag individual MP3 tracks. With this new version, I can't figure out how to select the correct track on the album for the tag. In the older version, I used to be able to highlight the correct track, and then drag it up to the top of the listings. Then when I chose "save" it saved the correct track title to the file. With this new version, this method does not appear to work.

If someone would let me know what I need to do in the new version, I would really appreciate it.


In the table on the right, you can see the filenames. Select your filename and use the buttons to the right to move it to the same position as the title on the left.

This worked- thanks so much!

Best Wishes,

Wow, I've been searching for this information for days! Thanks :smiley: Maybe I'm dense but it just didn't seem obvious that I could move the fields, doh!