help with filtering for non standard id3 frames


I am trying to use the filter function to filter for files with non standard id3 frames. Specifically I have been using another music manager (Helium) and it adds custom frames using the

TXXX standard.

So for example. I would like to filter my files for this frame:

Name of Frame:
TXXX (Description: #Helium2 ReleaseType)


In mp3tag the frame shows up in the Extended tags dialogue as:


I have tried filtering for:

Description: #Helium2 ReleaseType PRESENT
"Description: #Helium2 ReleaseType" PRESENT

I cannot seem to get any results. I am not sure if the # character is messing up the search or my syntax is incorrect or exactly how mp3tag is reading the frame or if there is support for filtering for non standard id3 frames.

Could anyone provide some guidenance with this issue?

Again, the complete name of the frame is:

TXXX (Description: #Helium2 ReleaseType)

but it shows up in mp3tag (under the Extended Tags dialogue box) as:

#Helium2 ReleaseType

Unfortunately because of a code bug in the other mentioned software (helium) I have some incorrect frames and because of limitations with the other mp3 tagging software, I am not able to correct this problem so naturally when I discovered the power of mp3tag's filtering capabilities I became very excited.

Thank you very much.

I guess # is the problem. Try

NOT %#Helium2 ReleaseType% IS ""

Great, thank you dano!

And how can I search for/filter ALL the #HELIUM-Tags, whatever follows to the leading #HELIUM, like

"$list(_,,)" HAS _#helium

FANTASTIC! Thank you very much!! :wink: :sunglasses:

You should add this line to the examples of filter expressions: