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Hello, i am recently getting an error when adding lyrics. Has there been a change i am not aware of? Searching here finds older topics.

Thanks Tom

did you check out this thread:

Thanks Ohrenkino for the help. I downloaded the updated src file and placed it in mp3tag>data>sources folder. Unfortunately same issue, i still get "error" in the "additional information" box in the "adjust tag information" dialog box.

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I think they've been shutdown.


On April 2, 2019, LyricWiki was closed to editing by Fandom for repeated violations of the site's terms of service. The reasoning for this was that Fandom did not approve of images and lyrics that are "overly" sexual and/or shock people, aiming to be a "family-friendly site". The site was shut down completely on September 21, 2020, now redirected into, and data dump is not generated.

Does anyone happen to know any other scripts/sites that currently work?

thanks t

You can check the other tag sources linked from this post

Thanks Florian,

Unfortunately none of the scripts in the suggested post are valid, or at least i can't get them to work!


If anyone happens to know any other scripts/sites that currently work it would be much appreciated!
thanks t

I found Musixmatch to be quite ok

Then there is foobar that has a lyrics plug-in.

And Mediamonkey that has a lyrics-plugin (Lyricator) which works for several sources and files in one go.
But it is always the same fight as here with all websources. They have to be permanently maintained in order to keep them working.
It would be nice to have something like that for Mp3Tag.

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I did some research and found the service, which aggregates different APIs and also has a Music API with Lyrics support.

They're offering a free tier, where users can register for an API key and get 8000 API calls each month. Of course, lyrics are protected under copyright law and can only be accessed for personal use.

The API is based on JSON and offers a track-based free text search where artist, album, and track IDs are returned which can be used for lyrics-lookup in the second step.

I think it would be possible to create a Tag Source for this service. I won't have resources for that for the coming weeks, but if anyone else wants to give it a try, I'm happy to help remove any possible roadblocks.

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ohrenkino, i finally got musixmatch to work! i'm not sure what i may have been doing wrong, but after deleting the scr and adding it a few times it finally started working.

Thanks for all the help, t

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