Help with mutli artist display

hi Folks,

I'm in the middle of house cleaning my library (Classical) and want to correct the artists name to "Surname, Firstname"

All my multi artists are separated with the \\ tag so in the extended menu they each have there own entry.

Now I am using a quick script I found to automatically reverse the names which is fine for single person entries, but doesn't work for multi artists
Is it possible to show in the main window the artists as separate columns (like in the extended entries) rather than one entry with \\ to seperate them. That way I could select them more easily??

For example

BBC Philharmonic\\Benjamin Britten\\Peter Pears

If the entries were displayed in a separate columns I could just use a script, as I don't want BBC Philharmonic changed.
At the moment I have to go into the extended tab and do it manually.

Hope that makes sense...


If you want to deal with multi-value fields then you have to merge them first to a single field.
There is an action for that.
In this action, set a separator that is different from the \\ as this is treated as field separator and you are back to square one.

As for the illogical names which sometimes have a forename and a surname and sometimes are just as they are .... you probably have to find some kind of semantic filter to deal with them, e.g. no name with Orchestra or Philharmonic is treated ...

Actually, there have been a couple of discussions on whether one should swap name parts or not.
How to rearrange artist name

In short: don't

You can extract one value n (starting from zero) from a multi-value tag-field x by ... $meta(x,n)
So you can display each single value in a listview column.
If you want to edit a single value in the listview, then you need a separate (temporary) tag-field for each single value.
Afterwards you have to collect all the single values into a multi-value tag-field, ...
then delete the temporary single-value tag-fields.

Read there ...
Automating Changes to Artist Values