I have some problems with this tag.

If I put the tag in "< blank >" the change doesnt reflect in iTunes but yes in Mp3tag.
If I put the tag empty from iTunes it shows empty in iTunes AND in Mp3tag.
If I change the tag with something else like some words, letters or something (not blank/empty field) this changes are reflected in iTunes AND in Mp3tag.
If I change the tag inside iTunes, it shows OK in iTunes AND in Mp3tag.

It's like there is a problem with the field/tag in "< blank >"/empty if the change is made from Mp3tag.

Any ideas? Suggestions?
If I was not clear about my problem please let me know.


And sorry for my english, is not my native language.

I hope that it is only iTunes that has problems and not you personally :wink:

No, seriously: iTunes is VERY reluctant to update the database. So what you see after you have deleted (blanked) the field with MP3tag is the contents of the iTunes database.
You would have to update that database.
The easiest would be to delete the entry for the track in iTunes and then reread the folder where the track is.
A not as easy way would be to start a shell-script to update the database. Depending on the size of the database it takes a while.
For an example script, see here: Tagged everything but does not reflect in ITunes / else