Horizontal Tag Panel looks very different since v2.87c

I read about tag panel changes in v2.87c, so wasn't quite sure what to expect when I updated, as I had some related issues with a previous beta.

My tag panel is placed horizontally across the top. Ideally, I would like the panel to be as short as possible to allow as many files as I can show in the main window below. While I've never been able to fully customize the field sizes and positions, I had gotten them to a point where it worked for me.

With the latest version, the fields went from short and wide to slightly taller and much narrower. While I do appreciate the larger cover art window, it seems maybe the padding for it is what increased the overall panel height, thus reducing the available real estate for showing files below. The narrower fields also make it so you can't always see the complete string in a particular field at once.

I understand that allowing position and size customization for every field is probably not a trivial thing, but it would be great if there was some way to allow fields to be positioned for the shortest possible panel height without scrollbars.

Screenshot links below. Please let me know if you need any other info.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback! Just to make sure I understand you correctly:

You'd like to have

  1. the possibility to have the fields occupy all available space and
  2. ideally don't use 6 rows in 2 colums but more like 4 rows in 3 columns (for the 10 fields you're using here) so that the overall height of the tag panel is reduced..

Hi Florian -

Don't necessarily need the fields to occupy all available space, just the ability to position and size the the fields to efficiently use the space available (with the ultimate goal of minimizing the overall height of the panel).

In lieu of full customization for every field/object, I think having fewer rows in more columns would be fine.

However, if the size of the cover art is not adjustable and the height of the panel is dictated by it, then the ability to at least move the cover art to the right and make the text fields wider would be fine as well.

Thank you!

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Here you go: